• » Do you believe in your leaders?
  • » Does your line manager support you?
  • » Is your job satisfying, or do you want
  • » How does what you do affect your
       firm’s bottom line?
  • » Are promotion and reward given fairly?
  • » Do you compete with your colleagues   or try to get along?
  • » Are you proud to tell people where you


Jonathan was the Head of Change Management for the global transformation of the IT function in [Global Oil Major]. He worked for me for a year and made a significant impact on the final delivery and our approach to a first class change management process. He is a strategic thinker who works extremely hard to deliver against demanding milestones every single day. I fully endorse Jonathan as a great leader in this space.” Vice President, Transformation

Jonathan is an innovative, energetic leader with a passion for change and transformation. He leads by example and is a committed and energetic champion for brokering effective and enduring change. Through his passion he energises those who work for and with him. He has a very high level of personal and professional integrity and consistently delivers through direct action informed by deep reflection, encouraging his team to challenge the status quo. Jonathan also has a great sense of humour, working with him is both rewarding and fun. Director, Client Interface, Oil Major

Jonathan is a first-rate communicator who tailors his message to audiences at all levels of the organization, and is always pitch-perfect in sharing challenging information and expressing the subtleties that are crucial to informed decision making. Jonathan is exceptionally creative and often generates stunningly original ideas. More importantly, he is equally gifted at translating the conceptual into the practical. Finally, Jonathan is fun to work with, graced as he is with humor, wit and charm. I can’t recommend him too highly Director, Clinical Data Operations, Global Pharmaceutical Firm

It has been the passion and hard work of people like yourself that have allowed us to do some amazing things. At the end of the day, it always comes down to people, listening and focusing on the right things. Your work in the Change Ambassador programme helped us tremendously. Group CIO, Oil Major